serving Taylor, Scurry, and Dallas Counties in Texas

Here at Sunflower Harbor we operate and manage an environment especially designed for disabled veterans and homeless individuals of our society. The people in the darkest time in their life come to Sunflower Harbor and through our help, break ground and grow as beautiful Sunflowers. Most go on to pay it forward. We plant seeds in their lives and help cultivate their dreams and ambitions for a better life. We help these individuals obtain appropriate identification and government benefits if they qualify for them. We help them by providing temporary employment options around the ranch until they gain full time employment elsewhere.

Sunflower Harbor has 3 programs.

Our first program is our veterans program for disabled veterans able to care for themselves who would benefit from being in a home and family environment.

Our Second Program is our outreach program. This program is for those who are shelterless and those recently placed in housing. We provide blessings bags, clothes, and continued support. For those who are in housing, we provide continued support to try to help keep them stable.

Our third program is our work program. We hire homeless folks to work with us running the ranch and the programs. They can choose to stay in our dorms or placements of their choosing. We give them jobs until they can get secondary jobs and get on their feet. We provide them with work clothes, interview clothes, help getting ID, and a place to sleep if needed.

How you can help:

1. Our Registry The things needed for the next step in each project are listed there.

2. Donate through Cash App: $sunflowerharbor


3. Join our board as an advocate
Joining our board requires a $50 yearly membership fee and volunteer time with veterans and/or homeless folks. email or text 214.622.7222 for more info

outreach going strong! check Our Blog each month for updates!

2021 Highlights

updated at the end of each month
last updated May 21, 2021
68 direct housing placements
18 new jobs obtained!
5 new ID obtained
work program
Check out our blog for updates! currently fundraising for the next class.

2020 Highlights

61 Direct housing placements
11 New Jobs Obtained!
6 Temporary Employees taken From Homelessness To Stable Housing!
3 veterans given temporary shelter achieved stable housing goals
11 IDs obtained for individuals
2 Disabled Veterans helped with applying for benefits
357 blessings packs of supplies given out
15 blankets given out

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